Creativity, Women’s Writing and Networking in Central and Eastern Europe: Talk with Marija Knežević

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The first session in CEEPUS Network Women Writers in History in this academic year’s  will be a talk with Marija Knežević,  Serbian poet, fiction writer, essayist, literary translator and professor of literature. Knežević was born and grew up in Belgrade. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory from the University of Belgrade and a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature from Michigan State University. Her books include poetry , essays and fiction: Hrana za pse (Food for Dogs, 1989), Elegijski saveti Juliji (Elegiac Advice to Juila, 1994), Stvari za ličnu upotrebu (Things for Personal Use, 1994), Doba Salome (The Era of Salome, 1996), Moje drugo ti (My Other Thou, 2001), Querida (Dear, 2001), Dvadeset pesama o ljubavi i jedna ljubavna (Twenty Poems on Love and One Love Poem, 2003), Ekaterini (2005; translated into English by Will Firth, 2013), In tactum (2005), Uličarke (Streetwalkers/Strays, 2007), Fabula rasa (2008), Šen (Divinity), Tehnika disanja (Breathing Technique, 2015), Auto (2018), and Krajnje pesme (Local/Neighborhood Poems, forthcoming). The most recent publication is a large selection of her poetry, Breathing Technique : Poems by Marija Knežević (2020), translated by Sibelan Forrester, published by Zephir Press in USA.The novel Ekaterini is translated to German, Polish, Russian and Macedonian, a selection of essays is translated to German and Uličarke is published in Polish, too.

More details about  the bibliography of Marija Knežević are here:žević#Published_books_and_translations.


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